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  • 100% Waterproof
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Easy to Clean
  • Install in one day!

Marble is an exquisite natural stone which is an embodiment of real beauty. Its intricate veining and patterns add a unique appeal to any surface it is used for. Marble’s solid look and luxuriousness transforms any room into a sophisticated want-to-be-in space. The timeless beauty of marble imparts a bold statement to your living space.
White marble is classic, chic and luxurious natural stone that makes your interiors appear soft, fresh and spacious. White marble is widely used for bathrooms, kitchens, outdoors, patios, walls, and Alfrescos. If you are looking for durable and elegant home interiors, white marble is an excellent choice because its warm, classic look is unparalleled to other stones and color ranges.There are different types of white marble that exist around the world, each carrying different veins and patterns and color tones.The finished results with our panels will leave a gorgeous effect with no visible seams. Our decorative wall panels are perfect for many applications.** Please be aware it is not advised to mix different sized panels or batches in the same space. As it is highly likely that shade variations will be visible.

Wet Wall Panel Accessories

In order to install our Wet Wall panels you’ll need to buy the right trims and glue.