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  • 100% Waterproof
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Easy to Clean
  • Install in one day!

Rose Concrete

The Spanish Stone inspired Rose Concrete is the latest release in our Concrete range of Wet Wall panels that will bring an authentic and urban look to your chosen room. With the rose, pink and cream colour palette, this panels colour presentation oozes radiance, luxury & warmth.

Our Rose Concrete Wet Wall panels are a classy addition to the modern home, If you’re looking for a contemporary and utterly timeless design to add to your home, this stoneware effect would be the perfect choice.

The Rose Concrete Wet Wall panel features great insulation and soundproofing qualities. These wall panels are virtually maintenance-free with a wipe-clean surface to help make sure your bathroom remains waterproof and mould-free!

** Please be aware it is not advised to mix different sized panels or batches in the same space. As it is highly likely that shade variations will be visible.

Wet Wall Panel Accessories

In order to install our Wet Wall panels you’ll need to buy the right trims and glue.