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Walnut Wood Wall Panel

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  • Stunning Visuals: Enhances Appearance and Creates Texture
  • Improve Acoustics: Minimises Noise and Reverb
  • Additional Insulation: Improves Temperature Sustainability
  • Simple Installation: Enjoyable DIY Project
  • Commercial Application: Rated Group 3 for Fire Safety

Our walnut wall panels are an excellent choice if you’re looking to inject drama and visual allure into your home or office spaces. Not only do they elevate the aesthetic charm of your living and working environments, but they also offer practical benefits like enhanced insulation and soundproofing.

Boasting warm hues and natural elegance, our walnut wooden slat panels can revolutionise your residential or commercial spaces, creating a contemporary and welcoming ambiance. They are the ideal choice for introducing texture, intrigue, and acoustic enhancements to any area in your home or office.

These walnut wall panels can be mounted either vertically or horizontally and seamlessly interlock for a polished finish. The installation process is straightforward and swift, allowing you to instantly achieve a 3D textured effect on your walls.

Wet Wall Panel Accessories

In order to install our Wet Wall panels you’ll need to buy the right trims and glue.