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Dark Oak Wood Wall Panel

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  • Stunning Visuals: Enhances Appearance and Creates Texture
  • Improve Acoustics: Minimises Noise and Reverb
  • Additional Insulation: Improves Temperature Sustainability
  • Simple Installation: Enjoyable DIY Project
  • Commercial Application: Rated Group 3 for Fire Safety

Adding a modern, sleek, and natural look to any residential or commercial space is easy with our dark oak wall panel. Ideal for instilling a contemporary edge to your living room, an air of professionalism to your office, or style and elegance to a retail space, these wooden slat panels are a budget-friendly and simple installation solution.

Consider incorporating dark oak wood panels on your walls or ceilings for a captivating three-dimensional effect. Besides being visually appealing, these wooden slat panels come with a sound absorbing backing that minimizes reverberation and excessive ambient noise, providing a serene and peaceful space.

You have the flexibility to install these panels either vertically or horizontally. They are user-friendly and perfect for a DIY project. All you need are basic DIY skills as well as some everyday tools commonly found in home or office settings.

Wet Wall Panel Accessories

In order to install our Wet Wall panels you’ll need to buy the right trims and glue.