Best Grout Free Bathroom Options

When renovating an existing space, one of the most difficult decisions one must make is whether to refurbish the existing fixtures that have made that space effective or to tear it all down and start fresh.

On the other hand, new construction can be customized to one’s liking from the start of the project and costly unseen repairs during demo can be avoided.

Whether building or renovating a bathroom or kitchen, an on-trend style that many business and homeowners are taking advantage of is the use of grout-free materials. This can be accomplished from floor to ceiling and has many benefits when compared to more traditional options.

PVC Wet Wall Panels

pvc wall panels luxury bathroom

The absence of grout in PVC wet wall panels creates a consistent peace of mind when pertaining to the maintenance of the space created.

With grout out of the equation, cleaning is a breeze as most materials under the wet wall panel category require minimal upkeep and can be cleaned using hot water and soap, or a mild chemical.

A tongue and groove technology accompanies this material, applying a firm connection between pieces when installed. The lightweight, but durable material brings further relief to any DIY project as this will cut down on the stress of a heavier, more fragile material and provides easy installation.

Wet wall panels are 100 percent water-resistant or waterproof, which will quell any chance for the establishment of mould and mildew. The material is fire resistant as well and is in accordance with CSIRO AS/NZ 3837 and with great flexibility and adaptability, the possibilities are boundless in terms of design.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

luxury vinyl plank flooring

Ideal for busy family homes with children and pets or high traffic areas, this durable material is layered to combat the abuse it will endure throughout its lifetime.

Consisting of 4 main layers – a wear layer, an image layer, a resilient core and backing, this flooring comes in many different styles to accentuate any space. The material is waterproof so the planks will not swell, buckle or lose integrity over time. An on-trend option, luxury vinyl plank flooring is becoming more attractive to consumers for any room in the house as it offers 2 distinct looks.

With realistic looking wood species available as well as texture and finishing effects, this material is versatile and would be the perfect finishing touch for any type of flooring project.

Installation of this product can be done 2 ways with the first, angle locking install, being the easiest. Planks can be connected to one another by starting the piece at an angle and snapping it into place over the subfloor. The other option involves adhesive spread across the subfloor and can be messy and time-consuming but is an acceptable alternative.

Shower Tray


Providing a modern appeal to any shower, a shower tray offers a seamless look that can blend with any existing or new tile or floor design.

Customizable in shape, material, Color and design, there are a range of options to choose from when looking to upgrade your shower. A waterproof material and designed to guide the runoff directly to a drain basin, there is minimal upkeep with this material.

A shower tray can be installed quickly with ease and can be flush with the existing floor to highlight this aspect of your space and provide a safer experience for children and the elderly. The practical design allows for a monetary gain for the homeowner and provides a stylish and economical solution to your remodel or construction project.

Mr Wet Wall Australia offers the best alternative to tiles in Australia so you can say goodbye to grout forever. Browse our extensive catalogue today and find the best option for you.