10 Ways to Improve Your Shower at Home

Are you getting the most from your shower? Here is our 10 tips to transform your shower now!

A good shower is a crucial part of your day-to-day routine. After a long day of work, a shower leaves you feeling fresh, reinvigorated and clean. The problem is, shower enclosures won’t inspire you forever and may require a tiny update from time to time. If yours needs an overhaul here are 10 changes you can make to boost your shower power!

1. Replace Your Old Shower Head with a Rainfall Shower Head

They look fantastic and provide a revitalising, full-body shower. Also, there can be certain health benefits with rainfall shower heads, as it gives your scalp a break from being blasted with full-pressure, instead


providing a gentle rinse of softly falling water. Like the name suggests, it’s like standing in a beautifully refreshing rainfall.

2. Install a Shower Pump

Some of us prefer the high-power approach, however If this is you then you could fit a shower pump to your existing shower system. It is easy to do and you will love the powerful, massaging spray that makes your shower feel like a high end luxury hotel. Still want to know more about shower pumps? Here we explain all you need to know about shower pumps!

3. More Outlets – More Options

One of our favourite tips; by adding more outlets to your shower system you can transform your bathroom into a luxury spa. Include a shower handset for a more direct, controllable spray, or install a set of body jets that make your shower not only look more expensive and luxurious, but provide a muscle relaxing, full-body spray.

4. Frameless Shower Enclosure


Why not try a frameless shower enclosure?

A sumptuous focal point to your bathroom, frameless showers have a smooth, contemporary look give you that added peace and privacy when you shut the world out and shower in a stylish shower area.

5. A Bath Shower – Versatile and Stylish

Many home simply do not have the space required to have both a bath and a shower, and so many people use a bath shower mixer to allow themselves both in one setup. However, in order to make this more comfortable and more stylish, you can install a P-shaped bath shower; these are specially shaped bathtubs that widen out at one end to give you plenty of room to maneuver while showering, but also lots of room to stretch out and relax when in the bath. There are lots available

6. Upgrade to a Wet Room

Consisting of an open plan shower, a recessed floor and the innovative new Wet Wall grout Free panels. You can transform your normal shower setup to one of these genuinely breathtaking centre-pieces, with beautiful Wet Wall designs and a frameless shower screen. A wet room is a true bathroom luxury and sure to get friends and neighbours talking!

7. Luxury Shower Cabin


Another luxury option, shower cabins can turn your bathroom into a futuristic space for you to refresh and reinvigorate. Often including body jets and steam options, and sometimes even a bath feature, shower cabins are the ultimate in shower enclosures.

A good way of giving your bathroom an inspirational lift, and reinvigorating one of the most important rooms in the house is to cleverly use bathroom accessories. Shower towers can transform your shower into a sleek, contemporary statement shower – lots of chrome, and sloping, ergonomic designs.


8. Accessorize

You could also try a bold, statement valve. this would give you the option to go for a more traditional style or a modern style, as there is a whole range of traditional exposed valves, with lots of beautiful metalwork and gorgeous cross head designs. Whatever way you go when accessorising your bathroom, the real trick is to go bold – don’t choose a feature to fit in with the shower area, but to define the shower area.

9. Remote controlled showers

Remote controlled showers really are the next step in bathroom luxury; you can warm up your shower from a second location, set your shower to a range of slow-rates with a touch of a button, save your favourite settings so you always have your ideal shower, and even turn over to an eco-setting in order to save money and be a little more green.

10. Shower Squeegee

OK, not quite the luxury upgrade like some of the others, but keeping simple shower squeegee and giving your shower screen a quick squeegee after each shower can not only save you time in the long run as you get a head start on the cleaning, but can go a long way to having a beautiful, sparkling and streak-free shower that is the envy of your friends and neighbours.

Hopefully, we have inspired you to make a change today, and make the most out of your shower. If so, send a picture in to info@mrwetwall.com – we would love to see your DIY pics!